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Who we are?

Dwarkesh Industries – The Casting Products Manufacturer in India; holds a strong reputation in the metallurgical industry since 1983. The manufacturing facility of the company is located at Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). The company manufactures Bronze Casting, Gunmetal Casting, Aluminium Casting, Copper Casting, Brass Casting and Aluminium-Bronze Casting. This well-managed business is involved in serving a wide range of industries, with it's large client base spread nationally and internationally.

The relationship and networking of Mr. Premprakash Lavti (CEO) & Mr. Ramesh Lavti (MD) with their new and existing clients; is one of the largest reasons, why Dwarkesh Industries has become the first and preferred choice of consumers throughout the metal industry. Their vision for the company and motivation for their team members; are both simultaneously responsible for the keeping the company stand out differently and exclusively; at a top position in the market place.

Due to immense trust of our customers and hard work of our professionals, Dwarkesh Industries is growing rapidly by capturing a large amount of market space. We are deeply involved in delivering an excellent quality of our products. Our products including Bronze Casting, Gun Metal Casting, Aluminium Casting, Copper Casting, Brass Casting, and Aluminium-Bronze Casting are extreme durable in nature. Due to its durability, our products are completely safe. Our products remain in good condition due to its longer lifespan. The team of professionals and experts working at our company, prepare these products very keenly. Our specialists achieve the best quality results by using the best raw materials, which are deeply inspected before use.

The products offered by our company are finely developed by the engineers, using the best technologies and infrastructure. All products are hard framed and regularly checked by the experts. Sincere care is taken before, during and after the manufacturing process. Our team of experts keep themselves updated with the changing technology, and thus there are least chances of errors during our manufacturing process. The quality control team at our company is responsible for the procurement of best quality raw material from the certified sources available in the market. This helps our company in achieving the premium quality for every product manufactured at our premises.

Why Choose Us?

Most of the Gun Metal Castings in India is exported to manufacturing industry, shipping industry, petrochemical industry and petroleum industry. Due to its strength of tension (i.e. tensile strength) and its hardness, it’s one of the popular and most demanding choices of clients at Dwarkesh Industries - The Casting Products Manufacturer in India. The metallurgical industry specialists employed at our company are the top talents of India with years of experience and skills. They assist the client with all their requirements, guides the clients in order to help them in decision making process and also provides proper consultancy depending on their queries. Industrial Gunmetal Castings produced at our company are of the highest quality and meets above international standards. The Benefits of Gunmetal Casting at Dwarkesh are numerous. First benefit is that, we use only high quality raw materials to manufacture the Best Gunmetal Casting. The grades of raw material that our purchase department orders, can be checked for assurance whenever our clients wish. We do business with clarity and transparency. As far as it concerns to general Advantages of Gunmetal Casting, we deliver it at the price which is within our client’s budget range. Our sales team discusses the client’s requirement and accordingly provides with the best quotation. It’s not just about the price of Gun Metal Castings in India; rather it’s also about the best quality and timely deliver of final product. Apart from all these, the relationship of Dwarkesh Industries with its large client base that is spread across the globe; is the actual strength of our company. Our core values are to deliver practically about what is promised or claimed; rather then simply being theoretical with the clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Top Gunmetal Casting Company is considered as one which follows the best Gunmetal Casting Process using the latest and most advanced Gunmetal Casting Techniques. If you need a Gunmetal Casting Demonstration, please feel free to discuss your requirements with our specialists. They shall assist you with everything you need to know. Always feel free to know more about the Gun Metal Castings in India from our experts, who have lot of achievements and enormous amount of experience about the metallurgical industry of India. All sort of Gunmetal Casting Information will be delivered to you, even before you place the purchase order of products from our company. There are varieties of applications of the Gun Metal Castings in India. They are mostly used for various types of pumps and its fittings. They are also used in valve bodies and valves of various sizes. In some bushes as well as pressure tight bearings also, these gunmetal casts are useful. There is a large demand of Gunmetal Castings Manufacturers in India, because there are very few castings manufacturers across the country, which deliver quality at reasonable price. The gunmetal casts are popular because of its accuracy of dimensions, durability and capacity of tolerating. Gunmetal Castings in India are highly exported from India; in countries like United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland. There is a large list of other countries in African Continent, which also import the Gun Metal Casts from the Gunmetal Castings Suppliers and Gunmetal Castings Exporters in India.

“Metal is Useful when Used, Trash of Rust when Unused”


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